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Jumat, 15 Juli 2016

Thanks Captain Ronaldo! Finally, Portugal win EURO 2016

Euro 2016 final match between France and Portugal was held at Stade de Frane on Monday. Portugal won the tournament for the first time in this very prestigious football match in Europe. The match between two country turn into dramatic show after Ronaldo’ s absence in 24th minute after injuring his knee with the clash between him and Payet. Precisely, his absence charges Ronaldo’s team-mates courage to defend the attack from France, which in so many time almost hit Portugal goalpost.

By the background history of two match between France and Portugal, many football analyst predict France will win the final tournament EURO 2016. Beside, France was supported by the very capable player. With thus facts, the final tournament will be the curse for Portugal. But, the substitute, Eder’s single kick has break down the curse. Interestingly, the injured Captain offering his support toward his team mates in his limpy feet during the last minute show before extra time. Soon, the news wrote Ronaldo’s support had given his team mates an encouragement. Eder, the substitute told the press spelled Ronaldo’s name was his main reason to able hit France goalpost. Cedric Soares who plays as beck said the team was beaten by Ronaldo’s absence. But the team survived and won. Ronaldo told the team “We wil win, stick together and fight…”. During the break in the second half, Ronaldo stand as Fernando Santos assistance.

As team’s captain, Ronaldo helped his team mates with tactical advice. Such an incredible show! Posted in his Instragram account, Ronaldo said Portugal winning is his only dream in every Europe football tournament. To him, the team is more important than his own ambition to win goalscorer. In the chaos after Portugal win the tournament, Ronaldo and his team mates celebrate their winning and dedicates the winning for all people in Portugal. Fernando Santos proudly told the press his team consists of senior and experienced players with young and talented players. His said all players respected Ronaldo as the captain. This mean, there is no doubt to team unite and brings the team the encouragement. Santos words been proved after the dramatic match. Congratulation for Portugal! Thanks Captain!

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